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Other Companies

The following are web sites developed and/or maintained for various non-profit organizations. Some were new sites, some were redesigns of existing client sites and some were redesigns for new clients.

Alameda & Buckley Self Storage


An existing client, Tom Sattler, started a storage business in Aurora, CO.

RLM designed a new web site and currently hosts and maintains the site.

Client: Tom Sattler, Sattler Homes
Client Since:
This Version Online:
February 2006

The C Three Group

The C Three Group


Atlanta based utility/marketing consulting group.

RLM took their existing web site and reorganized, redesigned, added information and republished it.  RLM currently hosts and maintains the site.

Client: The C Three Group, Atlanta, GA
Client Since:
This Version Online:

Coleman Engineering Company

Coleman Engineering Company


Coleman Engineering is a civil engineering firm doing work in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin.

RLM has created a new look for the web site and the site is under review by the client.

Client: Coleman Engineering, Iron Mountain, MI
Client Since:
June 2006
This Version Online:
December 2006

Dr. Chuck Brantigan

Dr. Chuck Brantigan


Dr. Brantigan is a Denver based cardiologist.  

RLM currently hosts and maintains the site.

Client: Dr. Chuck Brantigan
Client Since: 2002
This Version Online: February 2003

Kearns West, Inc.

Kearns West, Inc.


Kearns West is a San Francisco based collaboration organization.

RLM modified an existing design and re-organized their web site to make it easier to follow.

Client: Kearns West, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Client Since: 2008
This Version Online: November 2008

Laufer and Padjen, LLC


Laufer and Padjen, LLC is a Denver based law firm specializing in handling corporate bankruptcies. 

RLM created the original design and currently hosts and maintains the site.

Client: Joel Laufer
Client Since: 1999
This Version Online: 1999

MBE Consulting, LLC

MBE Consulting, LLC


MBE Consulting is a Denver based builder consulting firm specializing in expert testimony on building related issues.

RLM created a new site for a former builder turned consultant.

Client: MBE Consulting, Parker, CO
Client Since: 2010
New Site Online: September 2010

NiteScapes 3D

NiteScapes 3D


NiteScapes 3D is a Denver, Colorado area 3D photographer specializing in 3D photos of the aurora borealis and comets.

RLM took over the site and cleaned up the design and reorganized it.

Client: NiteScapes 3D
Client Since: 2001
This Version Online: November 2008

Now Yoga

Now Yoga


Now Yoga is a Minneapolis based yoga trainer.

The site was designed by RLM designer, Kim Adams.  RLM laid out the site, published and hosted the site.  The client currently maintains the site.

Client: Yoga Now, Jill Carey
Client Since: 2008
Site Online: April 2008

Smith Promotional Advertising

Smith Promotional Advertising


Des Moines based promotional products company.  New site designed in June 2006 by a Des Moines designer. 

RLM laid out the new design and plugged in the information. RLM currently hosts and maintains the site.

Client: Smith Promotional Advertising, Des Moines, IA
Client Since: 1998
New Site Online: June 2006


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