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Most Recent Projects

Below are new designs that have been completed in the last 12 months.  Some were new sites, some were redesigns of existing client sites and some were redesigns for new clients.

Energy Services Coalition

Energy Services Coalition


National organization of energy service, performance contracting consultants and professionals. RLM took over maintenance in September 2004 and completed clean-up and reorganization of the site in April 2004.

RLM took the Executive Director's design and made it work, upgraded the member management system, and converted the site, plus 30 chapter subsites to MojoPortal CMS system.

Client since: September 2004
New Site Online: January 2014

Southwest CHP TAP

Southwest CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships (formerly Intermountain Clean Energy Application Center)


The Southwest CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships is a project run by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project based in Boulder, CO.

RLM created a modified design and set it up in Mojo Portal.  They also took this design and customized it for 4 other regions: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Northwest.

Client: SWEEP
Client Since: 2002
New Site Online: December 2013

Southeast CHP TAP

Southeast CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships


The Southeast CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships is a DOE project run by ....

RLM created the Southwest CHP TAP design and customized it and set it up in Mojo Portal.

Client: SWEEP
Client Since: 2002
New Site Online: December 2013

ABT Systems

ABT Systems, LLC


ABT Systems, LLC is a Pennsylvania building science consulting firm run by Armin Rudd.

RLM is working with the client to find a WordPress template to quickly get a site put together for his business.

Client Since: June 2013
New Site Online: October 2013

Ginsberg Green Strategies

Ginsberg Green Strategies


Mark Ginsberg is a former DOE board member that has gone into consulting.

RLM found a WordPress template customized it for Mr. Ginsberg.

Client: Mark Ginsberg
Client Since: April 2013
Site Online: May 2013

About Saving Heat

About Saving Heat


Current Project: Redesign of Web Site

About Saving Heat is a Denver based company specializing in complete energy retrofits.

RLM is designing a new site for them.

Client: About Saving Heat
Client Since: 1998
New Site Online: May 2013




NASEO is a Washington, DC based organization representing state energy offices.

RLM is took a design by a DC design firm and reworked it into a workable web site using Mojo Portal CMS System.

Client: NASEO
Client Since: 1995
New Site Online: May 2013

Collaborative Efficiency

Collaborative Efficiency


Collaborative Efficiency is a Spokane based energy efficiency consultant, Pat Keegan

RLM quickly put together a WordPress template site so client could have it ready for a conference in a week..

Client: Collaborative Efficiency
Client Since: January 2013
Site Online: January 2013

Financial Energy Management

Financial Energy Management


Denver, CO based Energy Service Company.

RLM completely revised the site based on client design in March 2006. RLM working on a new design that should be finished soon. RLM hosts and maintains the site.

Client: Financial Energy Management
Client Since: 2004
New Site Online: March 2013


International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Programme


Current Project: Redesign web site

The IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme is a project of the International Energy Agency.

RLM took over their existing site in summer of 2006 and completely redesigned the site and sub-sites for each task.  In 2012, RLM developed a new more advanced design, flow and function for the organization web site.  The new site and task subsites was put together with Mojo Portal CMS system.

Client: IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme
Client Since: May 2006
Current Site Online: November 2012

Province, Inc. 

Province, Inc


Current Project: Redesign their existing site

Province, Inc is a northern Colorado custom home builder. Specializing in high end custom homes.

RLM is coming up with a new design for their web site.

Client: Province, Inc.
Client Since: October 2011
New Site Online: July 2012


National Building Registry

Current Project: Develop online database for all homes rated in the U.S.

The National Building Registry will be an online database of all the home in the U.S. that have had a Home Energy Rating.

RLM is developing the database and the online interface.

Client: RESNET
Client Since: 1996
System Online: July 2012


Ohio Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency


Current Project: Developing a new website for the Center

The Ohio Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency is an Ohio based organization setup to develop, demonstrate, and incubate technologies that will improve the competitiveness of Ohio industry through increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and improved environmental performance.

RLM currently works with a sister organization (Energy in Ohio) and now RLM is developing a completely new web site.

Client: Energy In Ohio
Client Since: 2006
Site Online: May 2012


Northeast Corridor Commission

Current Project: Design a temporary site to get the new organization a web presence.

The Northeast Corridor Commission is a Washington, DC based organization supporting Amtrak in the northeast corridor.

Client: Northeast Corridor Commission
Client Since: March 2012
Site Online: March 2012


New York Energy Forum


NY Energy Forum is a New York based organization educational organization that increases public understanding of regional, national and global energy issues through sponsoring seminars, meetings, publications and conferences which foster the open exchange of information, ideas and policy positions.

RLM is taking their current design, reworking it and modifying their backend programming to ASP.net.

Client: NY Energy Forum
Client Since: 2011
Revised Site Online: November 2011


Compressed Air Challenge


CAC is a national organization promoting energy efficiency in the compressed air arena.

RLM took over their site and optimized it for maintenance.  RLM is currently developing a new design for the site and hosts and maintains the current site.

Client: Compressed Air Challenge
Client Since: 2008
New Site Online: October 2011




StatelineEnergy, LLC is a Washington, DC based energy organization management company.

RLM took over the initial design back in the early 2000s and they are ready to create a much improved web site.

Client: StatelineEnergy, LLC
Client Since: 2000
New Site Online: October 2011


The C Three Group


Current Project: Redesign web site

Atlanta based utility/marketing consulting group.

RLM took their existing web site and reorganized, redesigned, added information and republished it.  RLM is currently coming up with a new design for them.  RLM currently hosts and maintains the site.

Client: The C Three Group, Atlanta, GA
Client Since:
Site Online: September 2011

NASEO Annual Meeting

NASEO Annual Meeting


NASEO is a DC based organization representing the state energy officials from all 50 states and territories.

RLM designed a web site specifically for their annual meeting.  The site will be used for other big events also.

Client: NASEO
Client Since: 1995
Site Online: June 2011

Ag Energy Coalition

Ag Energy Coalition


The Ag Energy Coalition is a project of the Green Capitol, LLC group designed to promote smart agricultural energy decisions.

RLM created a new web site.

Client: Green Capitol, LLC
Client Since: 2006
Site Online: April 2011

Kurowski Development Co.

Kurowski Development Co.


Littleton, CO based custom home builder specializing in BUILT GREEN, environmentally conscious homes.

RLM is recently redesigned the web site. RLM currently hosts and maintains the site.

Client: Kurowski Development, CO, Littleton, CO
Client Since: 1998
Original Version Online: 1998
This Version Online: January 2011

Shanghai Scientific Energy Conservation Museum


The Shanghai Scientific Energy Conservation Museum is located in Shanghai, China and is like a Museum of Science and Industry here in the states, but concentrates on Energy Conservation in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Transportation Sectors.

RLM recently developed a web site for this new project. RLM worked with staff at the center and a Chinese contact to put together the design and a web site an English version site.

Client: NASEO through U.S. DOE and the Museum
Client Since: October 2009
New Site Online: January 2011


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